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Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Gold

For: A Worthwhile Cause


It's rare for a Christmas single to be both poignant and raucous but then City of Christmas Ghosts is not your typical Christmas single. It may not be typical but it's Duane Eddy guitars and strident punk vocals courtesy of the sorely missed Poly Styrene and founder member of the Membranes and current Goldblade singer John Robb make it the perfect Christmas single.  If this were an ideal world City of Christmas Ghosts would be the Christmas number one and the smile would be permanently wiped off Simon Cowell 's smug face. 

It brings a tear to this old Devil's eyes to hear Poly singing on the single but it also brings a smile to my face to hear her sounding so alive. Seeing Poly having such fun in the video is even more poignant and the lump in my throat feels like I've swallowed a bowling ball. 

The single is raising money for the hospice that looked after Poly; St Michaels Hospice, Hastings, animal charity Food For Life and various anti war charities and you can buy it here . 

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