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Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Devil's 13 from 13 - 11 to 13

Devil's 13 from 2013

Tonight I give you the final 3 tracks in the Devil's 13 for 13 and as a special bonus the 7 tracks that in just missed out but made the Devil's top 20 for the year. 

11. Crawling on Bruised Knees - Pharmakon


Crawling On Bruised Knees sounds like a nightmare sponsored by Throbbing Gristle and is without doubt the most frightening track off 2013. It sounds like someone beating their head against a radiator on an aeroplane with a dodgy engine. 

Palehound12. Pet Carrot - Palehound

The scale of how much I love Pet Carrot by New Yorkers Palehound hasn't been invented. It's just so off the wall, so sweet, so strange, so adorable, so kooky, so perfect. It sounds like a pillow fight between Moldy Peaches and Edie Brickell after overdosing on sherbet. It's the coolest nursery rhyme ever written.

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Lights That Change13. Beautiful Soul - Lights That Change

The simply gorgeous Beautiful Soul sounds so much like the Cocteau Twins that the dream gazing duo could have a second career as Robin Guthrie and Elizabeth Fraser's musical body doubles. This is a stunning song for star crossed lovers, romantics and anyone who simply loves beautiful things. In any other year it would have been a shoe in for the top 10. 

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The quality of music outside the mainstream was so high this year that it wasn't easy picking just 13 songs. Here are the 7 songs that just missed out but made the Devil's top 20 for the year...

Hot Damn - Rad Stewart

Blind - Cat Bear Tree

Idle - Peggy Sue

A OK - The Ladykillers

Say No To Thugs - Lost Animal

Be Nice - Charlie Boyer & The Voyeurs

Hey I Was Saved - Summer Cannibals

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