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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Top Dog

From: Sacramento, California, United States

Dog Party

Sacramento sisters Dog Party released their third album earlier this year on Asian Man Records. So what I hear you shrug. Well there are not many bands who are on their third album at 17 and 15 years of age. So that makes Dog Day kinda special. I wish I'd had half their ability and confidence when I was 15!

As you'd expect from a duo with a combined age of 32 their pop punk songs are full of youthful vigour and lyrics that reflect the digitised world of 21st century youth. With lines like "How could you be my friend, with the things you said?" and "My heart will never mend, and now this is the end", the duo's best song Best Friend sounds like The Ramones reading out a series of twitter messages.  

It's too simplistic, and a little patronising, to define the duo as the female Ramones but they bring the same energy and simplicity to their songs that made the New York punk pioneers so special. 

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Dog Party
What Do You Know

Dog Party
Best Friend

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