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Saturday, June 08, 2013

Penguin Original

From: Edinburgh, Scotland

Zed Penguin

The idiosyncratic Zed Penguin (first featured on the Devil's blog just over a year ago Pppp Pick Up Zed Penguin and now seemingly expanded to a trio) are back with another couple of stonking tracks that blow everything else you're likely to hear out of the water. 

This Town is a reworked version of the track featured last year. It still sounds like a refugee from the White Album if Lennon had replaced McCartney with Ariel Pink but produced in a studio instead of Ringo's shed. Like fine wine it's got better with time and if you missed it last time round now is the time to take a sip. Twisted ballad The Letters sounds like the product of a drug induced dream from the mind of Syd Barrett.

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