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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Marder She Wrote

From: Manchester, United Kingdom

The Marder

I stumbled across the mysterious The Marder while looking through the marvellous Sways records back catalogue. Although this is at least four years old it still sounds as fresh as newly minted polos. The Judge sounds like The Strokes if they were angry young men from the back streets of Salford rather than posh mummy's boys from New York. If The West Apologised To The East sounds like something the Pop Group knocked off before they disappeared up their own backsides in a puff of prog jazz smoke. 

The Marder's presence on the internet is notable by it's paucity and they may not even still be together. If not then at least they've left the world a little piece of magic to remember them by. 

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The Marder
The Judge

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AB said...

Yes! Bring back the Marder!