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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Rapid Fire

From: Bournmouth, United Kingdom


Is the UK music scene really so full of talent and amazing music that it can afford to allow a great band like Rapids! (first featured on the Devil's blog back in 2010, Shooting The Rapids!) slip through it's fingers. The band split up last year leaving behind an envious legacy of amazing song and an unenvious lack of interest from music fans who really should know better. Never mind Record Store Day someone should initiate an unknown band day where we all queue up to buy records by unknown bands like Rapids! and give them a cuddle to make them feel wanted and loved. 

If Robert Smith's haircut left the Cure due to slight musical difference and formed a band it'd probably sound like Rapids! Mogadishu sounds like Smith at his most tense and paranoid, all skittering beats and echoing vocals. I.C Over sounds like a high quality Cure b-side. Cold Distribution is simply magnificent, the sort of song that Robert smith would be proud to have written himself. It's time you reconnected with the Rapids! Who knows if enough people show an interest then they may get back together again.

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