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Monday, April 23, 2012

Tina Turner

Tina In The Green Dress
 From: London, United Kingdom

I extolled the virtues of 20 girl strong alt indie choir Gaggle back in 2009 (Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves) and so it's hardly suprising that I've fallen madly in love with ex Gaggle member Aquila Rose's new venture with Graham Alderton (a man !!) the oddly named Tina In The Green Dress. The two tracks released on souncloud so far burn with a rare passion, they are not so much torch as torched songs. This is one sister who is really doing it for herself (ok with a little help from Graham!)

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Howling by TinaInTheGreenDress

Fox by TinaInTheGreenDress

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Tina In The Green Dress - Facebook

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