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Thursday, November 03, 2011

The Lonesome Piney

Piney Gir
From: London, United Kingdom

Three years ago I stumbled upon a whimsical little ditty titled 'Blixa Bargeld's Bicycle' by a little known singer who called herself Piney Gir. It came from a world where Syd Barrett rubbed shoulders with Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins and it charmed the pants off me. Since then Piney, otherwise known as UK based Kansas born Angela Penhaligan, has released a couple of well received but hum drum albums none of which have quite lived up to the promise of that early track. Will her new album Geronimo fulfil that early potential? In a word no. It appears that Piney has fallen into a twee Alice banded world where unicorns are fed ambrosia by unfeasibly pretty fairies. It's an album that falls between so many stools it's got bruises on its arse. It's not quite country, it's not quite twee, it's not quite pop and it's not quite rock. It is, however, cheesier than a family size pack of wotsits.

Album opener 'Outta Sight' is energetic and brighter than a recently polished button but it's badly let down by lazy, cliched lyrics like "when you do it right/when you hold me tight/love at first bite/then we're out of sight". Lyrics that would embarrass a poorly educated sixth form poet. Amazingly this isn't the worst crime against lyric writing on the album. That's reserved for The Longest Day of Spring's 'Rain rain go away come back again another day'. I cringed, I really did cringe.

The album's high point is the Jenny Lewis lite 'Oh Lies' but unfortunately it's a solitary pearl amongst a whole sty of mud encrusted swine. 'Let's Get Silly' is the aural equivalent of a gingham dress and bobby socks and the best thing about it is that it lasts less than two minutes. 'Stay Sweet' is so sweet it could rot teeth at 10 yards, 'La De Da' is as bad as it's title suggests and 'The Gift' features some yodelling from Piney. Yes it really does include yodelling, I am not making this up.

Final track 'Say Goodbye' is where the album finally gets all serious on us but it's really difficult to listen to with a straight face because I swear it's the tune of 'I've Got A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts'. Seriously you couldn't make this up. If this was a comedy album, a Wierd Al Jankovic skit on pop country albums, a Spinal Tap like satire then it would have some merit. But unfortunately I'm afraid it's serious and that's worrying.

Oh Piney what have you done? You could have been a contender, you could have been the UK's answer to Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins. I'm off to re-listen to Blixa Bargeld's Bicycle and consider what might have been and I recommend you do that too.

This article was originally written by the Devil for The 405 and is published with permission.


Go Try

You may not agree with my assessment so please go an make your own mind up by listening to the following tracks...

The best track on the album...

Oh Lies by Piney Gir

The one that sounds like I've Got A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts...

Say Goodbye by Piney Gir

Or you can take me at my word, ignore the album and go check out some bloody good Piney tracks, tracks that made me fall in love with her like...

Piney Gir - La, La, La by Smalltown America

Of All The Wonderful Things by melodical

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Piney Gir - Facebook : Website : Last.FM

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To see what might have been check out the brilliant Blixa Bargeld's Bicycle...

Piney Gir
Blixa Bargeld's Bicycle

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