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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Poppet Music

From: Another Planet

PoppetPoppet is the alter ego of California raised musician Molly Raney. She sounds like a young Bjork fan slowly going mad whispering sweet nothings to her teddy bear collection while hitting various electronic instruments with lollipops. It's truly strange music from the margins and sounds like nothing you've ever heard before. It's marmite music that you'll either clasp to your bosom like a long lost friend or throw sticks at from a safe distance.

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MP3 - Poppet - The Crustacean

This track is published with the permission of Ms Valerie Park Distro so please don't claim breach of copyright

Rattle coins my bones by Poppetsblackbirds

Future Fantastic! by Poppetsblackbirds

Human Defenseless by Poppetsblackbirds

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Poppet - Myspace : Last.FM

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Anonymous said...

sorry but future fantastic is really bad.

More About The Devil said...

Well I did say that you'd either love Poppet's music or hate it. I love Future Fantastic and even though I may be in a minority of one that's cool because each to his or her own.