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Monday, May 17, 2010

Don't Stop The Cavalry

Bear Cavalry
From: Gosport, United Kingdom

Bear Cavalry are an eclectic bunch of indie noodlers from the hitherto rock 'n roll desert of Gosport. According to their Last.FM site they live in Matthew Cooke’s shed, and are made from candyfloss. At least one and possibly two of these statements are false.

There's a real buzz about the jazz fusion foursome which is only going to grow after they caught the eye, and ear, of Radio 6's Tom Robinson. They have a whole picnic basket of fresh, inventive, agile and stylish tracks that deserve pride of place on your iPod. Check out the brilliantly titled 'Will Smith Solves The Rubiks Cube' which contains the best use of trumpets in a song since 'Thank You' by the Pale Fountains.

Bear Cavalry are on the march.

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MP3 - Bear Cavalry - Will Smith Solves The Rubiks Cube
MP3 - Bear Cavalry - Gold Dust Orphans
MP3 - Bear Cavalry - Yeah But She's 1974

These tracks are linked direct from the Bear Cavalry website and are therefore already freely available so please refrain from alleging infringement of copyright

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Bear Cavalry - Myspace : Last.FM

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Bear Cavalry

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