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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Music For Flims

Electronica / Pop / Indie
From: Jakarta, Indonesia

FL!M is the pseudonym for one Ferdi Salim an Indonesian insomniac who spent the zombie hours messing around with GarageBand on his Apple Macbook. Initially the project was to be called Six Feet Under until Ferdi realised that this was also the name of a US metal band forcing the change of name to FL!M (Ferdi's eLectronIc Music, the use of the exclamation mark is a quirky affectation)
. I better not tell him that there is a Swedish trip hopper who also goes by the name Flim then.

If Daniel Miller had been born in Indonesia and afflicted with insomnia with only a laptop for company then The Normal would have sounded like Fl!m, probably.

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MP3 - FL!M - Blur
MP3 - FL!M - Lost & Found
If anyone from the IFPI is reading this track is published with permission from Flim so please refrain from alleging infringement of copyright.

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Fl!m - Myspace

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