The Devil is dedicated to unearthing unknown, unheard, unseen, unheralded, unfamiliar or down right unbelievable bands old or new that have not yet hit the radars of the British public. If you are a new band or artist and would like to be considered for inclusion then please contact me via email or twitter.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Buzz on the Streets...

Collections of Colonies of Bees Collections of Colonies of Bees
Genre: Experimental / Rock
From: Wisconsin, United States

Long standing Devil worshippers will know that instrumentals are low down on the list of my favourite things. A song without lyrics somehow seems only part completed and I really struggle to think of any instrumental track that I honestly say that I love. Instrumentals have a tendency to be self indulgent, meandering lumps of emptiness that give a whole new meaning to the term navel gazing. To paraphrase the great Morrissey instrumentals say nothing to me about my life. Yes I know that classical music is instrumental and it has the capacity to illicit an emotional reaction in the listener but if you want classical music then this is not the blog to peruse.

Right, having got that off my chest, Collections of Colonies of Bees are an instrumental band with huge ambition and a collection of huge sweeping collages of sound that swing and curve like a colony of bees on vacation. Self indulgent, maybe a little, overly serious, possibly, lyricless, most definitely and yet there is something soothing about their sound that could calm down an air traffic controller after two pints of Red Bull and shot of adrenaline.
Collections of Colonies of Bees aren't really my cup of tea, they haven't changed my view of instrumentals and whilst I can appreciate their skill I'll never love them, but on those days when I've had my fill of the world and am ready to tear my hair out then I'm sure I'll stick them on the iPod and watch the troubles melt away.

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Collections of Colonies of Bees - Myspace // Website

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tings Ain't What They Used To Be...

The Ting TingsThe Ting Tings
Genre: Pop / Alternative / Melodramatic Popular Song
From: Salford, Northwest United Kingdom

Mmmmmm I'm really not sure, not sure at all. Lauded by everyone from the NME (an increasingly common loss of critical nous for a once great music mag), to the BBC, the Ting Ting's have more than a whiff of the artifical about them.

Lead singer Jules started out her musical life in Spice Girl wannabe band TKO (Total Knock Out) and when that failed formed new pop band Dear Eskiimo (sic) with Jules De Martino ex of teenage band Babakoto, and indie rock group "Mojo Pin". When Dear Eskiimo failed to tickle the nether regions of the charts and set the world alight the dynamic duo formed the Ting Tings.

Call me evil (I am the Devil after all) but they don't sound like the real deal to me. They sound a little too much like overhyped chancers, like unprincipled, shameless bandwagon jumpers a la The Soup Dragons (who incidentally have one record in the Devil's collection 'I'm Free' ).

I'd be overjoyed if the Ting Tings prove me wrong (and the NME right!) and become world wide successes releasing a string of exciting experimental music that expand the worlds musical horizons while I languish in blogging obscurity, but I won't be holding my breath.

But don't take my word for it check them out yourself and feel free to tell me I'm wrong.

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The Ting Tings - Myspace // Website

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The Ting Tings
That's Not My Name

Opposites Attract

Karmadoza Karmadoza
Genre: Rock / Metal
From: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Some ideas are so brilliant you wonder why no-one had ever thought of it before and some ideas are just so mad that you wonder why anyone ever thought of them in the first place. Montreal's Kardamoza's idea to record a heavy rock tribute to the B52's falls into the latter. That must have been a particularly heavy drinking session guys. But, perversely, and against my better judgement, it somehow works, just. Yes Karmadoza somehow pull it off, studiously avoiding the obvious and familiar, there's no 'Rock Lobster', 'Love Shack','Planet Claire', they breath new life into the B52's back catalogue.

Now if we can only get the B52s to record an album of Black Sabbath covers...

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MP3 - Karmadoza - 52 Girls (B52s Cover)

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Karmadoza - Myspace

Monday, January 28, 2008

The Devil's New Email Address

Access to email is vitally important for the modern blogger (are there any other kind of blogger than the modern?) and therefore because of problems accessing my old account I've hurriedly set up a new one. As the old address was receiving hundreds of junk messages each day, most of them with a solution to sexual problems, maybe it was time for a change. The email address on the site has been updated so if you want to praise or condemn the Devil then just click the link on the right column of the site.

Take A Trip To...

Loch LomondLoch Lomond
Genre: Folk / Experimental / Pop From: Portland, Oregon, United States

Despite the name Loch Lomond aren't from bonny Scotland but from Portland, Oregan. I can imagine the band members sitting around a map of the world in a pub with a pin and selecting the first name they stuck. Good job they never spiked Boysack (Scotland), Upper Ramsbottom (England), Humptulips (US) (although come to think of it what a great name!), Arsoli (Italy) Little Dix Village (West Indies) or Lord Berkeley's Knob (Scotland again). Or maybe they did and thought let's make it best of three!

Veterans of the Portland music scene, Loch Lomond are on their third album of hauntingly obtuse indie folk combining the nostalgic fragility of My Latest Novel, the inventiveness of Neutral Milk Hotel and the symphonic ambition of The Polyphonic Spree. Latest album 'Paper the Walls' is full to bursting with misleadingly simple charm-pop of poetic intelligence that radiate effortless cool.

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MP3 - Loch Lomond - Northern, Knees, Trees and Lights
MP3 -
Loch Lomond - Witchy

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Loch Lomond - Myspace // Website

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Loch Lomond
Bird & A Bear

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Outlook is Settled...

The Weather Underground
Genre: Indie
From: California United States

Described by the LA times as a post-punk Kings of Leon, or the The Walkmen soaked in Southern Comfort and first featured on the Devil's blog back in December (And Here's The Forecast From) , The Weather Underground are in for a busy February. Not content with taking up residency at the Silver Lake Lounge every Wednesday in February they will also be making an appearance on performing 'Neil Cassady' and 'When I Was A Soldier'. The show will be on air January 30 at 6pm and 9pm Pacific (9pm and 12am eastern) and January 31 at 11:30am and 2:30pm Pacific (2:30pm and 5:30pm eastern).

After a busy 2007 when they self-released two EP’s and played high profile shows with The Walkmen, Spoon, Modest Mouse, Two Galants and Delta Spirit , the band are maintaining the pace in 2008 with multiple shows, a third EP, and a SXSW appearance planned for the first quarter alone.

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MP3 - The Weather Underground - How Many Operations?
MP3 - The Weather Underground - Neal Cassady

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The Weather Underground - Myspace // Website

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The Weather Underground
Stuck Between Your Eyelids

Go See

6 Feb 2008, 21:00, Silverlake Lounge Residency (w/ Frankel and Le Switch), Silverlake, California
13 Feb 2008, 21:00, Silverlake Lounge Residency (w/ Free Moral Agents), Silverlake, California
20 Feb 2008, 21:00, Silverlake Lounge Residency (w/Calamity Magnet, The Antiques, Safetyglass), Silverlake, California
27 Feb 2008, 21:00, Silverlake Lounge Residency, Silverlake, California

If you like these then you'll love The Weather Underground...

MP3 - Kings of Leon - True Love Way

Buy Kings of Leon 'Aha Shake Heartbreak' from Amazon

MP3 - The Walkmen - New Years Eve

Buy The Walkmen 'Bows and Arrows' from Amazon

MP3 - Delta Spirit - Gimme Some Motivation

Buy Delta Spirit 'Ode to Sunshine' from Amazon

Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Monolator's Faves & Tips

The Monolators

Todays post is another look back at 2007 and forward to 2008, this time through the eyes of one of LA's finest, The Monolators...

The Monolator's Best Of 2007

Bodies of WaterBodies Of Water - Doves Circle The Sky

Originally called the faintly ludicrous Unicorn of Death (good decision on the name change people), Bodies of Water are the acceptable face of post modern hippie pop music. They're apparently heavily influenced by Os Mutantes and they sound like the The Mamas and the Papas meets a salvation army brass band" or an agnostic Polyphonic Spree .

Check out the track...

MP3 - Bodies of Water - Doves Circle The Sky

and if that takes your fancy then why not try this one too...

MP3 - Bodies of Water - I Guess I'll Forget The Sound, I Guess, I Guess

Go Visit

Bodies of Water - Myspace

One Trick PonyOne Trick Pony - Box Song

According to their myspace site they are "the most critically denounced band in obscurity" and according to their label they are purveyors of darkly sweet "mope rock" to the Devil they are simply the sound of hearts breaking. A great call by the Monolators.

Check out the track at...

One Trick Pony - Myspace

The Airborne Toxic Event - Papillon

Check the track out at...

The Airborne Toxic Event - The Airborne Toxic Event

CorreatownCorreatown - Green Cotton Dress

Angela Correa is a local singer-songwriter who sometimes plays solo, sometimes with a band. She's one of the worlds best known relative unknowns. Her songs have been on TV shows like Grey's Anatomy and if you go see the new John C. Reilly "Walk Hard" movie, she's the voice you hear when Jenna Fischer sings on "Let's Duet. So grab yourself a slice of Correa before she goes global.

Check the track out at...

Correatown - Myspace


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MP3 - Correatown - Savvy Young Punks
MP3 -
Correatown - Super Paper Airplanes

Lavender Diamond - Oh No

L.A. band Lavender Diamond dispense catchy and powerful hippy folk-pop that skillfully sidesteps the whispy and the fey thereby avoiding the use of diaphanous. Singer, the ultra-eccentric, Becky Stark, has been popping up in all sorts of unexpected places like Vogue Magazine. Occasionally prone to somewhat strange behaviour, which is getting the band noticed but also detracting from the music, Becky has a voice that could stop traffic and the stage presence of a charismatic evangelist. This is the closest that indie gets to a truly religious experience. Become a convert to the church of the Lavender Diamond and save your indie soul.

Check out the video...


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MP3 - Lavender Diamond - You Broke My Heart

Go Visit

Lavender Diamond - Myspace

The Monolator's Tips For 2008

Rademacher - (Myspace)

Well known in L.A. for their live shows Rademacher are a hot tip for 2008. Their first full length album, 'Stunts', was produced by Aaron Espinoza (Earlimart) who has also worked with Elliot Smith, Kim Deal , and Lou Barlow . 'Stunts', with it's catchy beats, qurky lyrics and raucous rhythms lives in it's own underground DIY universe inhabited only by refugees from a nuclear confrontation between Arcade Fire and Shout Out Louds.

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MP3 - Rademacher - If U Got Some Magic
MP3 -
Rademacher - You're Never Gonna Hear From Me

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If You Got Some Magic

CastledoorCastledoor - (Myspace)

With their heaven sent soul, genius indie pop and etherial melodies pitched somewhere between Cold War Kids and Rogue Wave, Silver Lake’s Castledoor are on the cusp of the mainstream. This is a group of innocents abroad uncorrupted by the voracious music industry making exhilarating music for fun. Selling out their self released EP 'Follow the Dove' is surely a sign of things to come. Castledoor have the potential and the opportunity to become one of those rare bands that break through and retain their independence, their crediblity and their souls.

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MP3 - Castledoor - Fall Apart


The Airborne Toxic EventThe Airborne Toxic Event - (Myspace)

The music graveyard is littered with the remains of bands that were heralded as the new Smiths. It becomes a millstone around their necks and when their first single fails to replicate the majesty of the 'Queen is Dead' or the fragile beauty and promise of the Smiths John Peel sessions they get written off and fall into oblivion. Which is why I'm hesitant about labelling The Airborne Toxic Event, in that way but, I'm sorry guys, it just has to be said. The Airborne Toxic Event could be genuine contenders for the new Smiths crown.

It's not simply that singer Mike Jollet's vocals sound like early Morrissey, it's that their songs contain the fragile beauty of those early Peel sessions. It's that they are literary, the band is named after a novel by Don DeLillo and 'The Girl's In Their Summer Dresses' is based on a short story by Irwin Shaw. It's that their songs hint at unrequited lust with a wry sense of humour.

But don't run away with the idea that The Airborne Toxic Event are simply carbon copy karaoke Smiths. There are hints of Gene), The Buzzcocks ('Papillon'), The Wedding Present ('Does This Mean You're Moving On') and, gulp, even 'Joshua Tree' period U2 ('Sometime Around Midnight').

So can The Airborne Toxic Event buck the trend and overcome the curse of the new Smiths? It's now down to you music lovers.

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MP3 - The Airborne Toxic Event - The Girls In Their Summer Dresses

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The Airborne Toxic Event
Does This Mean You're Moving On

Monday, January 21, 2008

New Album From Louis XIV

Louis XIV Louis XIV
Genre: Blues / Rock
From: San Diego, California, US

News has reached the Devil that the new single from the highly entertaining Louis XIV, "Air Traffic Control", can be heard at their Purevolume site. But you'll have to be quick as it's rumoured that it won't be there for long.

The band are also about to release their new album 'Slick Dogs And Ponies' unfortunately the Devil hasn't recieved a copy to review but I'm sure it'll be a stormer. It's a busy time for Jason Hill and the lads as they have also just kicked off their US tour with Editors and Hot Hot Heat.

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MP3 - Louis XIV - Guilt By Association

Go Visit

Louis XIV - Myspace // Website

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Louis XIV
Pledge of Allegiance

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Rancid Return To The Studio


Rancid are back in the studio recording their follow-up to 2003's 'Indestructible'. The, as yet untitled, album will be released later in the year on Epitaph/Hellcat Records.

Heres a couple of old Rancid tracks to tide you over until the new albums released...

MP3 - Rancid - Junkie Man

MP3 - Rancid - Rejected

Go Visit

Rancid - Myspace // Website
Label -
Hellcat Records

New Morrissey Video

Morrissey's new single "That's How People Grow Up" isn't exactly a huge creative and artistic departure for the original Glumster, sounding a little like an outtake from 'Ringleader of the Tormentors'. But Morrissey on autopilot is still better than most artists going full pelt. Check out the video...

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Buy Morrissey 'That's How People Grow Up' from Amazon

New Exit Clov Video

Check out the brand new video from Exit Clov...
MK Ultra

and for those who have not yet enjoyed the delights of Exit Clov then...

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Exit Clov - Myspace // Website


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iKiLLCaRS Ones To Watch For 2008

Clipd BeaksClipd Beaks

Purveyors of post punk pandemonium with panache, Clipd Beaks first captured the imagination of the Devil back in November 07 (Make Your Nightmares Come To Life With...). If their stuttering ramshackle funk, jerky, jagged rhythms and seethingly tense proggy psychedelia seeps through to the consciousness of the mainstream then 2008 will indeed be a wondrous year.

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Clipd Beaks - Myspace

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Clipd Beaks
Bent Life

Damage PantsDamage Pants

Prepare for your ears to be assaulted by the ferocious garage punk of Damage Pants. Luckily Austin duo Kyle and Robert's sonic storm is much better than band name, a name so bad it ranks alongside Japansterdam (iKiLLCaRs former name!) Dumpys Rusty Nuts, Neds Atomic Dustbin, Puddle of Mudd, Archers of Loaf, Toad The Wet Sprocket and Limp Bizkit.

If you know of any worse band names than these then please email them to me. Maybe I'll have a worst bands special on the Devil's blog.

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Damage Pants - Myspace

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Damage Pants
Get The Joke

I Love YouI Love You

I Love You began in 2005 as a noise trio called Yah Tibyah la Blu (Russian for “I Love You”) playing completely improvised music. Wisely realising that the commercial years of improvised music by bands with Russian names had passed, they quickly changed their name to I Love You, switched their instruments and stopped improvising. The resulting nihilistically quirky discordant drone pop, all angular melodies a la early Liars and harmonic dissonance a la Pavement, has cult written all over them. I Love You may be the best thing to come out of Kansas since the Yellow Brick Road.

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I Love You - Myspace

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I Love You
March of the Dead

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Flying In From The UK It's...

Martina Topley BirdMartina Topley Bird

The Devil is a broadminded creature who is willing to appreciate beauty wherever it can be found. Even if this comes from the most unlikeliest of sources. And for the Devil there Martina Topley Bird would be one of those unlikely sources.

A former
Tricky collaborator( she was featured female vocalist on first album Maxinquaye), Martina not an artist that would usually rock the Devil's world. She is a little mainstream, a tad over polished, a scintilla too clean and far too close to the sort of act that mums would deem as nice. I'd marked her down as background music for musically illiterate professional types who want to appear cool and hip, a kind of Sade for trainee solicitors.

Imagine my surprise therefore when I heard 'Valentine' from her new album ‘The Blue God’. For her latest release Ms Bird has teamed up with her long time friend (first time collaborator) Dangermouse. The single, to be released on March 3rd, is an otherworldly mix of Billie Holiday, Sade and .Angelo Badalamenti It's cosmopolitan and polished to appeal to the young urban professional but it also resonates with a mesmerising edge that should appeal to you, dear readers of the Devil's musings.

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MP3 - Martina Topley Bird - Valentine

Go Visit

Martina Topley Bird - Myspace // Website // Facebook
Label - Inependiente

Friday, January 18, 2008

The Views Of Billy Ruffian

The Devil has been away for a few days on business so what better way to return than with a bumper post featuring the faves from 2007 of those purveyors of the finest dandy rock...

Thom Ruffian's Best of 2007

Rufus Wainwright - Between My Legs

Buy Rufus Wainwright 'Rufus Wainwright' from Amazon

Gogol Bordello - Harem in Tuscany

Buy Gogol Bordello 'Gypsy Punks Underdog World Strike' from Amazon

The Manic Street Preachers – Autumnsong

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Bobby Conn - Love Let Me Down

Check the track out at...

Bobby Conn - Myspace


Go View the Track at...


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MP3 -
Bobby Conn - Got To Get It
MP3 - Bobby Conn - Pumper

Buy Bobby Conn 'King For A Day' from Amazon

Future of the Left – Manchasm

Check the track out at...

Muzak For Cybernetics


Go Visit

Future of the Left - Myspace

Paul Ruffian's Best of 2007

Les Savy Fav - Rage in the Plague Age

Check the track out at...



Go View the track...

Stephen Ruffian's Best of 2007

Malcolm Middleton - We’re All Going To Die

Check out the video...

The Ruffian Lads Hopes For 2008

The Colt 45s - (Myspace) featured on the Devil's blog in December 07 (Shooting From The Hip With...), and September 07 (The Colt 45s & Star Fighter Pilot Split Single).

Black Kids - (Myspace )

Al Baker & The Dole Queue (Myspace)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Best of 2007 from...

The Sharp Tongues
Tonights best of 2007 comes courtesy of the multi talented Marcus Quinn from The Sharp Tongues.

Best of 2007
In no particular order)

Jewelry RatSkeered - Jewelry Rat

Check out the track at...

Jewelry Rat - Myspace

LucnhmeatLunchmeat - Cigarette Smoke

Check the track out at...

Lunchmeat - Myspace


Check it out on video...

Dirty ProjectorsDirty Projectors - Rise Above

Check the track out at...

Dirty Projectors -


Go Try

MP3 -
The Dirty Projectors - Naked We Made It
MP3 -
The Dirty Projectors - Throw On The Hazard Lights

Timbaland - The Way I Are

Check out the video...

Go Visit

Timbaland - Myspace

Hopes For 2008

Marcus' three to skyrocket in 2008 are...

Sandro Perri - (Myspace )

Parenthetical Girls - (Myspace )

Go Try

MP3 - Parenthetical Girls - Love Connection 2
MP3 -
Parenthetical Girls - Wait Another Year
MP3 -
Parenthetical Girls - C86 Is Killing My Life

Alex Lukashevsky - (Alex Lukashevsky - Myspace or Deep Dark United - Myspace )

Go Try

MP3 - Deep Dark United - Soul Athlete
MP3 -
Deep Dark United - Mental Case Blues

Friday, January 11, 2008

Who Will Breakthrough in 2K8?

In the music business predictions are notoriously difficult. The next big thing can disappear in a blaze of antipathy, Sigue Sigue Sputnik anyone (Sigue Sigue Sputnik - Into The Unknown) , how about Joboxers ? A global success can arise from the unlikeliest places,come on is there anyone out there who really predicted that The Gossip , (The Gossip - Fire Sign), would go super nova? So trying to spot the bands that will breakthrough is a risky business and a sure fire way to end up with egg on your face. So here goes with the Devil's first couple of sure fire bands for 2008...

Stolen BabiesStolen Babies

They were one of the bands to watch out for in 2007 and 2008 will surely be the year that Stolen Babies breakthrough into the mainstream. Their unique brand of vibrant dark cabaret metal is a blood curdling mix of goth, metal, ska and
Bily Smart. This is the music of The Dresden Dolls reimagined by Tim Burton or a Barnum & Bailey Marilyn Manson.

Go Try

MP3 -
Stolen Babies - Push Button
MP3 -
Stolen Babies - Tall Tales

Go Visit

Stolen Babies -
Myspace // Website

Go View

Stolen Babies
Push Button

How do you follow Stolen Babies? Well how about the Devil's second tip for the top...

The Screaming BallerinasScreaming Ballerinas
Genre: Pop Punk / Pop / Indie
From: London, London and South East United Kingdom

Once I had a love and it was a gas then I found out it was actually a band called the Screaming Ballerinas. The singer's blonde and sassy with the looks of a trainee icon and her band make a glorious punk disco racket that takes the best bits of Blondie's debut album and 'Parallel Lines' and leaves them to stew for the requisite amount of time. Add in keyboards courtesy of someone who looks like an extra from behind the bar at the Queen Vic (the pub in Eastenders for the Devil's non UK audience) and a couple of tracks (check out 'Crucify') that sounds like Chrissie Hynde covering Morrissey's 'Your Arsenal' and you have a band that have the unmistakable mark of greatness. Don't forget you read it here first (unless of course they disappear without trace when you can forget this post ever appeared!).

Go Visit

Screaming Ballerinas - Myspace

Go View

Screaming Ballerinas

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Wooden Shjips Faves of 2007

Wooden ShjipsTonights reflections on the year just passed is an interesting and exclectic mix from those dyslexic psychedlians Wooden Shjips...

Best 0f 2007
(in no particular order)

Sapat - Dark Silver

You can find a downloadable MP3 of the track at The Largehearted Boy blogsite here.

Find out more, but not much more, about the mysterious Sapat at...

Sapat - Website

The Bad Trips - First Priority

The Bad Trips are four gnarly druids that have had the last great British eccentric Julian Cope "burning up his lonely room." According to Mr Cope the Bad Trips are "a magnificently Lo-fi Cinemascope instrumental hybrid of early Guru Guru, The Afrika Corps and The Fire Engines via the C90 meltdown of California's The Zebra Attack." Any band that's good enough for Julian is good enough for the Devil.

Go Try

MP3 - The Bad Trips - First Priority

Go Visit

The Bad Trips - Website

Tinariwen - Cler Achel

Go Visit

Tinariwen - Myspace

Go View

Los Llamarada - Nobody Calls Me

Check the track out at...

Los Llamarada - Myspace


Go View

M.I.A. - Paper Planes

Go View

Hopes For 2008

Teenage Panzerkorps - (Myspace)

Blues Control - (Myspace)

MP3 - Blues Control - Losing Game

Los Llamarada - (Myspace)

Monday, January 07, 2008

More Celebration

Devil readers who want to find out more about Celebration , one of the top 5 from 2007 from Thrushes posted yesterday (Even More Best Ofs...), should take a trip over to where you can find a video of 'Heartbreak' and a couple of MP3s specially recorded for Prefix.

Go Visit

Prefixmag - Prefixmag

The Favourites Of...

Listen Lisse

Herein are the favourite tracks of Lisa McKendrick, a woman of impeccable musical taste as the following five selections testify...

Best of 2007

(in no particular order)

Grizzly and the Duck of Death - Razzmatazz

Pavementesque indie from the oddly named German band a name to watch out for in 2008.

Check the track out at...

Grizzly and the Duck of Death - Myspace

Problem Being - Electro is Dead

The Problem Being are "not only a force to be reckoned with, but a breath of fresh air in an increasingly jaded, derivative and genre shackled scene" . For once a bands own PR stands up to scrutiny and is, if anything, a little understated!.

Check out the track at...

The Problem Being - Myspace

Shannon Wright - Defy this Love

Check out the track at...

Shannon Wright -


Go Try

MP3 - Shannon Wright - Hinterland
MP3 -
Shannon Wright - Within The Quilt Of Demand

Electric Litany - Your Tears

A newly formed, London based band formed by Alexandros Miaris (Dead Eyes of Youth) Richard Simic, Aris Karakasis and Duane Petrovich. The band are currently recording their debut album which will be a must have for 2008.

Check out the track at...

Electric Litany - Myspace

If you like these then you'll love Electric Litany...

MP3 - Dead Eyes of Youth - Lust
MP3 -
Dead Eyes of Youth - I Have Lost This World

Norman B - The Story of the Icy Smile Boy

Check the track out at...

Norman B - Myspace

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Even More Best Ofs...

Best of 2007
Todays best of 2007 comes straight outta Baltimore...


Best of 2007
(In no particular order)

Celebration - Heartbreak

Check out the track at...

Celebration - Myspace

Find out more about Celebration and where to buy their stuff at Beggars Group

Go Try

MP3 - Celebration - Evergreen

Monarch - Obituary

Monarch were featured on the Devil's blog back in August (Monarch) where their music was described as having "the translucent, dreamlike quality of the best of the shoegazing genre but...incorporating elements of their alt country heritage." 'Obituary' was also included for download but for those that missed the blog in August here it is again.

MP3 - Monarch - Obituary


Avec - A Man In Space

Check out the track at...

Avec - Myspace


A Place To Bury Strangers - To Fix A Gash In Your Head

A Place To Bury Strangers were first featured on the Devil's blog way back in October 2006 (A Place To Bury Strangers & Sproll) where their music was described as an energetically passionate din that will have the local noise abatement society thowing themselves of tall buildings and listening to them was compared to dipping your head in a box of fireworks after throwing in a lighted match!

Check the track out at...

A Place To Bury Strangers - Myspace


The Raveonettes - Aly Walk With Me

Check the track live at the Triple Door in Seattle...

Hopes for 2008

A Place to Bury Strangers - (A Place To Bury Strangers)

Screen Vinyl Image - (Screen Vinyl Image )

Avec - (Avec)