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Sunday, October 12, 2008

We Don't Need No Education...

Free SchoolFree School
Genre: Experimental / Electro / Shoegaze
From: Birmingham, United Kingdom

Despite being the UKs second city Birmingham, commonly named as the birthplace of heavy metal, the most regressive form of music known to man, and home to the short lived grebo scene that spawned the likes of Neds Atomic Dustbin, The Wonder Stuff and Pop Will Eat Itself , has lagged behind the likes of Liverpool, Manchester and Glasgow as a hotbed of musical creativity.

Well just when all hope is about to be abandoned along come Free School to transform the reputation of the second city with their brand of progressive electro that sounds like the grandchild of a unholy sexual communion between early Genesis and The Human League before they ventured out from their Sheffield bolt hole.

Ok maybe that's a little overstated. Let's not get too carried away with a band who, as far as I can gather, have yet to release a record, only have 113 myspace friends and a profile with only 602 views to date and are possibly the most invisible band on the internet. But take it from the Devil you need to pay attention at the back of the class because Free School are about to enrich the lives of all who join them.

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Free School - Myspace

For those Wonder Stuff fans out there (there are still some of us left) here's a little bit of a treat...

MP3 - The Wonder Stuff - Last Second Of The Minute
MP3 - The Wonder Stuff - The Sun Goes Down On Manor Road
MP3 - The Wonder Stuff - Live Album Sampler

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