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Monday, July 28, 2014

Alf Service

From: London, England


alfie (not to be confused with the under achieving Manchester indie rockers from the late 1990s who disbanded before he was even born) is 20. According to his intriguing, and grammatically insouciant bio he comes from south london, he grew up under a rock and he makes music inspired by ravel's quartet en fa majeur, sputnik, beethoven's symphony 4, deepwater horizon, marching bands, graveyard orbits, shoegazing & uk bass music. 

His first and apparently only song to date is i have nothing to say (he doesn't like capital letters does our alfie) which sounds like a skittishly dancey Neil Hannon with his finger on the pulse of pop music in the age of social media. It's an ironic title because our alfie clearly does have a lot to say and hopefully he'll be saying it with a few more little gems like his debut track. 

File under promising. 



alfie - Facebook : Website


i have nothing to say

Sunday, July 27, 2014

New Stuff 27th July 2014

New Stuff

Here's some more great unheard, unheralded and downright unbelievable music that I've not had space for this week... 

Table Scraps - Bug

Allah-Lahs - Had It All

Modern Baseball - Rock Bottom

Aztec Cormorant - And Lo

Field Mouse - A Place You Return To In a Dream