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Friday, September 19, 2014

Scotland Decided

 Scottish Independence

The Scottish public have spoken and the results are in and it's a massive vote for Erm Not Sure. Although there was a majority for sticking with the United Kingdom it was far from an overwhelming majority. From a distance it feels like independence won the argument but lost the vote. The most impressive result was the turnout with a breathtaking 85% of people eligible casting a vote. Scotland will never be the same again. 

On this disappointing day for almost half of the people of a proud and noble country here are some new Scottish bands to listen to while you reflect on the result of the referendum and another generation of partial rule from Westminster. 

Polarnecks - Clouds
From: Glasgow, Scotland

Lenin Death Mask - Breakfast of Champions
From: Aberdeen - Scotland

Bronto Skylift - Shit Hoody
From: Inverness & Orkney, Scotland

Best Girl Athlete - Best Girl Athlete in School
From: Aberdeen, Scotland

I can't do a post on Scottish music without a track from my good friends Sarahjane and Roger aka The Bird and The Monkey.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Scotland Decides

Scotland Decides

Well today's the day when Scotland decides it's future and with the polls now closed it's all over bar the counting. Despite my Scottish name and ancestory as a sassenach I didn't have a vote but in solidarity with my Caledonian brothers and sisters I offer up the vote from the ballboy jury.

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