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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Happy Birthday Julia

Happy Birthday

It's my lovely daughter Julia's birthday today so here's a gift that I didn't need to wrap. It's a blog post chock full with birthday related artists and songs to celebrate her birthday. Happy birthday Tuppence.

The Won Over - Happy Birthday
From: Dundee, Scotland

Mirah - Birthday Present
From: Brooklyn, New York, United States

The Twilight Sad - Birthday Present
From: Glasgow, Scotland

The Safes - Birthday Cake
From: Chicago, Illinois, United States

Nellie Eve - Birthday Card
From: Great Lakes, United States

Eat Your Birthday Cake - For Alex
From: Philadelphia, United States

Monday, September 01, 2014

Virginia Plain

From: London, England

World Contact from London trio Virginia Wing's debut album Measures Of Joy, due out on Fire Records in November, could be the missing link between Young Marble Giants and Warpaint that musical archaeologists have been searching for. It's graceful, sinuous and sexy with vaguely sinister undertones. There's something about it that leaves you feeling a little ill at ease, like you've entered a nightclub managed by David Lynch. If the rest of the tracks on their debut are as good as this they'll be fighting off album of the year nominations with a stick. 



Virginia Wing - Facebook