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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Fresh Sounds 29th March 2015


Here's another helping of unheard, unheralded and downright unbelievable music direct from the underground to your ears...

Japanese Fighting Fish - U Ain't Gonna Win This

Husk - Set Some Roots

Battery Hens - D.N.R

London Soundklash - MAF Muses // MAF Million Is Born

The Sub-Gents - The Barbs

Monsters As Humans - Go Get Your Warpaint

Saturday, March 28, 2015

There There My Deers

From: Madrid, Spain


Hinds (formerly know as Deers and most definitely not formerly known as The Dears) have been receiving a lot of attention from the blogosphere and the better newspapers over the past few months. Some of this attention has been no doubt generated by the slightly ludicrous cease and desist notice to stop using the name Deers but the majority of it is due to the noise they make. 

They've put the legal nonsense behind them and concentrated on cranking out their joyous, cacophonous, rowdy and slightly rickety songs to the delight of everyone who hears them. There's an anarchic freedom about songs like Between Cans and Bamboo that's infectious. It's a refreshing change from the bland, mass produced, computer generated sewage that spills out of the mainstream radio stations. 

My only regret, they've not raised one mighty finger in the air by covering Lost In The Plot. 



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