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Friday, November 21, 2014

Waves of Emotion

From: Liverpool, England

Circa Waves

Warning this review may contain some scouse musical stereotypes. See if you can find them all. There are no prizes it's just for fun. 

Wednesday 19th November was my first time visiting Heaven as you might expect from The Devil and I got a little bit lost. I spent so much time wandering around Charing Cross being misdirected by Google Maps (user error rather than anything software related) I missed the first support act Bloody Knees completely. 

Listening to the tracks on their Soundcloud site I'm going to brush up on my navigational skills because they are too good to miss and, through my map reading ineptitude, I missed them. With a new wave of bands like Darlia and Drenge seeking solace in the sounds of late 80s Seattle Bloody Knees' punky take on grunge (grunk rock anyone?) hits the 2014 sweet spot.  If they're appearing at a venue near you make sure you learn from my mistakes and don't miss them.

Bloody Knees
From: Brighton, England

Public Access TVPublic Access TV
From: New York, United States

There's been a lot of buzz around the blogosphere and the inkies about New York new wavers Public Access T.V. and I'm glad that my navigational skills improved sufficiently to get me to the club in time to catch them. They're an indie music lovers wet dream. With their guitars set to scuzz lite and their vocals set to rabble rouser mode they sounded like the cool urchin prodigy of The Strokes and Brinsley Schwarz (ask your grandad) in CBGB clothing. 

Their performance at Heaven was a lot rowdier and less controlled than their recorded output. Their sheer enthusiasm and zest for life shone through. By the end of their all too short set they had the crowd eating out of their hands. 

Place Public Access T.V. in the box marked Ones to Watch for 2015. 


From Liverpool, England

Circa Waves

Despite hailing from my home town and despite the growing groundswell of positive press Circa Waves have so far existed on the periphery of the Devil's ears. Thankfully, through the fortunate coincidence of both being in roughly the same place at roughly the same time I was able to catch them live at the moment that their early promise starts to blossom into mainstream success. 

Having situated myself uncomfortably close to the speakers and hemmed in on all sides my poor ears took a battering of biblical proportions but it was the most fun I've ever had while going deaf.

For a band yet to release an album the large crowd at Heaven were an early sign that the loveable Liverpudlians are much more than a local delicacy. The second sign was their confidence in taking the full house in their stride and blowing them away with a heady mix of powerful pop, tongue in cheek rockstar poses, crowd pleasing banter/antics and an endearing cameradery with their support acts that included guest stage divers. The only thing lacking on the night was a killer anthem that defines them and sends the crowd home to wake the neighbours with a tuneless, noisy rendition. Young Chasers, with it's infectious woo hoos, makes a strong case to be that anthem but it just fell short of the industry standard whistling milkman test.

As a new, young band their set was understandably short but, if anything, the gig benefited from brevity. There was no filler, no hum drum songs that might make a b-side for a Japanese pressing of their next single. It was a high octane, explosive ride. If they'd been on the stage any longer the audience would have spontaneously combusted. Even the supposedly "slow" songs whizzed by stinging your ears as they left. These boys know how to put on a show. 

Four loveable lads from Liverpool haven't had such an impact on the denizens of London town since a little known beat combo with mop tops caused mass pandemonium. I entered Heaven underneath the Charing Cross arches a cynic and left to face the cold night air a convert.



Circa Waves
So Long

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Happiness is a Warmduscher

From: The other side of the tracks


The video for Warmduscher's bizarrely engrossing track The Salamander featured on the blog a couple of weeks ago (New Stuff 29th September 2014). If you've not seen it yet head over to the 29th September post and check it out. You can thank me later. 

The eccentric trio, including two renegades from Fat White Family, have released another track and video taken from the Trashmouth compilation album Thinking About Moving To Hastings.  The oddly titled Uncle Sleepover sounds like The Fall playing Asteroids in a damp cellar in Margate while a demented preacher yells random phrases through the keyhole. From it's odd title to it's idiosyncratic, rough around the edges sound Uncle Sleepover will divide opinion. There's no wishy washy middle ground in Warmduscher's sleazy, psychotic universe, a universe populated by outsiders, outriders and the outplaced. You'll either love it like this little Devil or hate it and I'm sure Warmduscher wouldn't have it any other way. 



Warmduscher - Facebook


Uncle Sleepover