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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hell Razer

From: Stockholm, Sweden

Lucern Raze

Lucern Raze, the new venture from ex Sex Beet singer and owner of PNKSLM Recordings Luke (featured on the blog last month, Raze Hell)has unleashed another punk bomb on an unsuspecting world. The cover of the Teddybears hit Yours To Keep is everything you want in a punk cover. It's snotty, it's brash, it's a little ramshackle around the edges with bags of the charm of the original. 



Lucern Raze - Facebook

Monday, September 29, 2014

New Stuff 29th September 2014

New Stuff

Here's another helping of great unheard, unheralded and downright unbelievable music you lucky lucky people... 

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete - What's Holding You/Golden Hair

Chains of Love - Strange Grey Days

Warmduscher - Salamander

Turning Plates - Things Grow

Mark Wynn - Fadeout